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Free Consulting for Newbies

We all need to start somewhere, but sometimes we just don't know where to begin. We can meet with you and talk to you about your goals and help you find the motivation you need to get on the right path.

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Smart Advice for Seniors

Our personal trainer and health coach is certified in establishing a fitness routine specifically for seniors.

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Individualized for Every Client

We are all different and as such we have different needs, passions, goals, and desires. Sometimes we also have our own limitations and fears that need to be overcome in order for us to be successful. Our talented trainer can put all of this together to make sure you obtain your goals.
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Our Clients Share
Their Success

I wholeheartedly recommend Helen McKinney for any position associated with health, well-being and/or physical fitness training, coaching or mentoring. Helen is a nurturing, caring and compassionate individual who uses all her skills to assist, advise, train, coach and mentor individuals and groups to enable them to achieve their self improvement goals for good health, fitness and well being. She has been and is the "go to person" for any questions of health, nutrition and exercise for people of all ages, and can always be counted on to provide the best possible advice and recommendations.
Bill Lubelski
Helen did an excellent job of keeping my motivation up during our training sessions. She is a very compassionate and caring person who strives for the best in her clients.
Rhonda Chatham
Helen is a very knowledgeable trainer with excellent communication skills. Her down to earth approach is valued and her integrity superior. I have thoroughly enjoyed having Helen as both a personal/health coach and would highly recommend her.
Darlene Stephens
Helen is a truly caring individual that takes the time to listen and get involved in people's lives. She takes the extra steps to help others when a need is presented, and is a great motivator and encourager. Helen is a giving and considerate trainer and coach, willing to put the time and effort in to help people achieve their healing and reach their goals in life. Helen would be a blessing to any company or person blessed to have her in their life.
Bill Bender
There is no question that being Helen's husband I would be and remain the worst of clients. There is a little bit of pride in knowing what you need to do for yourself and having your wife tell you how to take care of yourself makes it challenging. Helen, however, is the perfect trainer for me. She is always supportive and works with me, encouraging me to stay fit and healthy in a way that never seems to bruise my fragile ego.
Mark McKinney
Don’t Know What to Start With?
If you are not sure where to begin, start by picking up the phone. Call us! There is no obligation and we are here to help you meet your training and fitness goals.
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ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach.